Use the Accounts screen to manage accounts used to access Endpoint Sensor .

The following options are available:

Table 1. Account Information




Specify an account name and password for the new account. Once saved, account names cannot be edited.


Edits the password for the selected account. Account names cannot be edited. Select at least one account to activate this option.


Removes the selected account from the list. Select at least one account to activate this option.

Endpoint Sensor uses the following criteria to check the password strength:

  • The password is 8 to 64 characters long

  • The password contains:
    • at least one number

    • at least one lower-case character

    • at least one upper-case character

    • at least one symbol character

  • The password does not contain any of these unsupported symbols: |><\" or space

Follow the guidelines below to select a secure password:
  • Use a long password. Trend Micro recommends using a password of at least 10 characters, but longer passwords are preferred.

  • Avoid names or words in dictionaries.

  • Use a combination of mixed-case letters, numbers, and other characters.

  • Avoid simple patterns such as “101010” or “abcde.”