About Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor

Endpoint Sensor identifies affected endpoints through on-demand investigations and monitoring that are fully customizable to the user's needs. Integration with Deep Discovery Analyzer provides a comprehensive set of threat details that can help administrators and information security experts respond effectively to attacks. As part of the solution against advanced persistent threats, Endpoint Sensor plays a vital role in preventing, monitoring and containing the extent of damage caused by targeted attacks on endpoints and servers.

Endpoint Sensor consists of an agent program that resides at the endpoint, and a server program that manages all agents.

On the endpoint, the Endpoint Sensor agent performs recording of vectors commonly associated with targeted attacks — file executions, memory violations, registry changes, and more. The agent creates a database of all the files, activities, and important system resources, and continuously updates this database to record the arrival and execution of suspicious objects.

The Endpoint Sensor server, through the web-based management console, provides a central location to perform investigations and manage agents.