Downloading the Installation Package

Before you can deploy the Endpoint Sensor agents, you must specify the location where the Endpoint Sensor server downloads the agent installation package.


At any time, if you want to change the current server URL or reset the proxy settings, click Reset Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor Server URL and proxy server.

  1. Go to Administration > Server Setup.
  2. Specify the URL of the Endpoint Sensor server.

    This is the same URL of the Endpoint Sensor server management console. Endpoint Sensor agents report to this server.

  3. If you intend to download the agent installation package over a proxy, specify your proxy settings.

    Endpoint Sensor can also use the same proxy server set in OfficeScan. To specify proxy settings for Endpoint Sensor , use the Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor Deployment Tool Set Server screen.

    Table 1. Proxy Setting Requirements


    Action Required

    Proxy settings toggle

    Check the box to enable communication over a proxy.

    Proxy protocol

    Endpoint Sensor supports proxy over HTTP or SOCKS5 protocols.

    Server name or IP address

    Specify the IP address or URL of the proxy server.


    Specify the port of the proxy server.

    User ID

    If the proxy server requires authentication, specify the user name for authentication.


    If the proxy server requires authentication, specify the password for authentication.

  4. Click Set and Download.

    Endpoint Sensor tests the connection to the server, sets the server for Endpoint Sensor agent management, and then attempts to download the latest agent installation package from that server.


    After configuration, the screen changes to show which server has been set up. To download the latest agent installation package, click Get latest package.