Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor Agent Deployment Tasks

The following procedure explains how to install Endpoint Sensor agents.

  1. Install and open the Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor Deployment Tool plug-in.

    For details, see Using the Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor Deployment Tool.

  2. Configure the Endpoint Sensor server and download the agent installation package.

    For details, see Downloading the Installation Package.

  3. Install the Endpoint Sensor agent program to selected endpoints.

    For information on using Agent Tree to select domains and agents, see Agent Tree Specific Tasks.

    For information about agent installation, see Installing the Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor Agent.

    Once installation is complete, each OfficeScan agent acts independently of each Endpoint Sensor agent.

  4. On the Summary screen, verify that all agents have been installed.

    For information about the Summary screen, see Monitoring Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor Agents.

  5. Use the Endpoint Sensor management console to manage agents and perform investigations.