Using Automatic Updates

To use Control Manager as a local update server for Endpoint Sensor , perform the following steps:
  1. Set up Control Manager to perform a scheduled download of the following patterns:
    • Endpoint Sensor Exception Pattern

    • Endpoint Sensor Trusted Pattern

    • Attack Discovery Pattern


    The procedure for configuring Control Manager for automatic updates varies by version. For details, refer to the documentation of the Control Manager version being configured.

  2. Configure Endpoint Sensor to use Control Manager as its update source.
    1. Open the Endpoint Sensor server management console.
    2. Click Administration > Updates.
    3. Enable Download monitoring rules from the following source.
    4. Select Other update source, and type the following in the textbox below:

      http://<Control Manger server Name>/TVCSDownload/Activeupdate

    5. Click Save.
  3. Verify that the update process completes successfully in both Control Manager and Endpoint Sensor .
    • During the next Control Manager update, Control Manager should include the Endpoint Sensor patterns.


      To download the patterns immediately, select Updates > Manual Download in Control Manager.

    • Endpoint Sensor then downloads these patterns from Control Manager during the next Endpoint Sensor scheduled update.