Adding or Editing a Digest Rule

You can customize digest rules for different recipients. If there are multiple rules, you can set or adjust the priority to apply each rule.

  1. Go to Quarantine > Digest Settings.
  2. Click the Digest Rules tab.
  3. Click Add or click the name of an existing rule.
  4. In the General Information section, do the following:
    1. Click the Status toggle button to enable the current rule.
    2. Type the rule name and description.
  5. In the Recipients section, select the recipients for digest notifications:
    • All recipients: This option only applies to the default rule. All users of your managed domains will receive digest notifications.

    • Specified recipients: This option enables you to choose users from both your LDAP groups and managed domains and add all of them as intended recipients.

  6. In the Schedule section, select the frequency to send digest notifications:
    • Daily: Specify the exact time to send the digest notifications.

      Use the add and the remove buttons to manage additional entries.

    • Weekly: Specify the days of the week and time of the day to send the digest notifications.


    The time zone of the browser accessing Trend Micro Email Security is used.

  7. In the Template section, select the digest template that you want to use for the current rule.
  8. Click Save.

    The newly added or edited rule displays on the Digest Rules screen. You can further change the rule status, set the rule priority, copy and delete the rule.


    If the recipient scope for different digest rules conflicts with each other, a red exclamation mark icon will be shown next to the recipients of each rule. Hover over the icon to view the current recipients, conflict rules and conflict recipients. Digest notifications are sent to the conflict recipients according to the rule with the higher priority. The smaller the priority number, the higher the priority.

    The following table is an example for your reference.

    Digest Rule






    2; usergroup1

    If Rule1 and Rule2 are both enabled and usergroup1 contains some recipients in, this means the two rules have a recipient conflict. In this case, Trend Micro Email Security applies Rule1 that has the higher priority to send digest notifications to the conflict recipients.