Querying Log Export

The Log Export Query screen enables you to query the status of log export tasks and configure notification settings on completed tasks. Trend Micro Email Security maintains up to 7 days of log export tasks.


This screen only lists the export tasks initiated by clicking Export All on the Mail Tracking or Policy Events screen.

The Log Export Query screen includes the Log Export Tasks and Notification Setting tabs.

The Log Export Tasks tab is designed for you to query the status of log export tasks and provides the following search criteria:

  • Log Type: The type of log records you have exported.

    • All

    • Mail tracking logs

    • Policy event logs

After a query is performed, Trend Micro Email Security provides a list of log export tasks that satisfy the criteria. For the tasks whose Status is Completed, click Download CSV File to download the queried log records to a CSV file.

On the Notification Setting tab, specify whether you want to turn on or off notifications on completed export tasks. Turning on the notifications requires you entering at least one email address in the Email Address field. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by semicolons.