Configuring Syslog Settings

When receiving events, Trend Micro Email Security stores the events in its database and forwards syslog messages to an external syslog server in a structured format, which allows third-party application integration.

The Syslog Settings screen is composed of the following tabs:

  • Syslog Forwarding: Specifies the mapping between syslog servers and different types of logs.

  • Syslog Server Profiles: Enables you to add, edit or delete syslog servers for syslog forwarding.

  • To ensure Trend Micro Email Security can properly forward syslog messages, configure your firewall to accept connections from the following IP addresses or CIDR blocks:

    • North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific:

    • Europe, the Middle East and Africa:

    • Australia and New Zealand:

    • Japan:

    • Singapore:

    • India:

  • Be aware that Trend Micro Email Security keeps syslog messages for 7 days if your syslog server is unavailable. Messages older than 7 days will not be restored when your syslog server recovers.