Configuring Reverse DNS Validation Settings

Trend Micro Email Security allows you to configure rules for reverse DNS validation based on the sender domain, namely the domain in the envelope address of the email sender.

For each rule, Trend Micro Email Security supports two levels of reverse DNS validation:

  • Whether there is a PTR record for the email sending IP address

  • If a PTR record exists, whether the PTR record for the email sending IP address has a matching Address record (A record)

If the sender domain of an incoming message meets multiple rules, Trend Micro Email Security uses the most matched rule. For example, if you have configured the following three rules:

  • Rule 1 for

  • Rule 2 for *

  • Rule 3 for *

The match results for different incoming sender domains are as follows:

Incoming Sender Domain

Matched Rule

Rule 1

Rule 2

Rule 3

Default rule