Configuring High Profile Users

Specify the email display names of the high profile users who might be frequently forged. Trend Micro Email Security will check incoming email messages claimed to be sent from those users and apply fraud checking criteria to identify forged messages. Trend Micro Email Security enables you to take actions on the BEC attacks that are detected or suspected by the Antispam Engine or detected by writing style analysis.

The specified high profile users are applicable to all BEC policies of your domains as the global settings.

  1. Go to Inbound Protection > Spam Filtering > High Profile Users.
  2. From the Source drop-down list, select either of the following:
    • Synchronize users from Directory: select this option to synchronize users from your directory.

      • Click Select Groups to select a user group that you want to synchronize.

        A maximum of 500 users can be synchronized from one or multiple directory groups. If there are more than 500 users, Trend Micro Email Security sorts all users alphanumerically in ascending order and applies BEC policies only to the first 500 users.


        The Directory Synchronization Tool is required to synchronize user information from the directory server. For details about installing and updating the tool, see the Directory Synchronization Tool User's Guide. To download the tool and the guide, do the following:

        1. Go to Administration > Other Settings > Administration (Administration > Directory Management in the old console).

        2. On the Directory Synchronize tab, find the tool and guide under Downloads.

        If you select Microsoft AD Global Catalog for synchronization in the Directory Synchronization Tool, make sure the givenName, initials and sn attributes have been replicated. By default, these attributes are not replicated to the global catalog server by Microsoft. If they are not replicated, use the Active Directory Schema snap-in in the Microsoft Management Console for replication.

      • Click Export to export the directory user list to a CSV file.

      • Click Refresh to refresh the current user list.

    • Custom: select this option to create a customized list of high profile users.

      • Click Add to add a high profile user. Specify the first name, middle name (optional), last name and email addresses (optional) of the user.

      • Click Delete to delete a high profile user.

      • Click Import to import multiple users from a CSV file.

        The following import options are available:

        • Merge: append the users to the existing list.

        • Overwrite: replace the existing list with the users in the file.

      • Click Export to export the customized user list to a CSV file.