Customized Expressions

Create customized expressions if none of the predefined expressions meets the company's requirements.

Expressions are a powerful string-matching tool. Become comfortable with expression syntax before creating expressions. Poorly written expressions can dramatically impact performance.

When creating expressions:

  • Refer to the predefined expressions for guidance on how to define valid expressions. For example, when creating an expression that includes a date, refer to the expressions prefixed with "Date".

  • Note that Data Loss Prevention follows the expression formats defined in Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE). For more information on PCRE, visit the following website:

  • Start with simple expressions. Modify the expressions if they are causing false alarms or fine tune them to improve detections.

Administrators can choose from several criteria when creating expressions. An expression must satisfy the chosen criteria before Data Loss Prevention subjects it to a DLP policy. For details about the different criteria options, see Criteria for Customized Expressions.