Viewing Your Service Level Agreement

Trend Micro provides a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Trend Micro Email Security that is intended to help your organization receive secure, uninterrupted email service.

The Service Level Agreement covers availability, latency, spam blocking, false positives, antivirus, and support. Specific service-level guarantees are included in the most current version of the Trend Micro Email Security Service Level Agreement, which you can view or download from this screen.


Provisions of the Service Level Agreement may vary among regions, so be sure to select your region and language when using this screen. Trend Micro reserves the right to modify the service at any time without prior notice. The current version of the Trend Micro Email Security service level agreement is available for review by paid customers and by customers conducting a trial.

To view the Service Level Agreement for your region:

  1. Go to Help > Service Level Agreement. The Service Level Agreement screen appears.
  2. From the drop-down list, select your language/region.
    Tip: Disable any pop-up blockers for your browser in order to download the Service Level Agreement.
    Trend Micro Email Security displays an Adobe Reader (PDF) document of the Service Level Agreement for the language and region that you selected.