Deleting Matching Attachments

This action deletes any attachments that match the rule criteria. It is one of the "Modify" category of actions.


The Delete matching attachments and Clean cleanable malware, delete those that cannot be cleaned actions cannot be used in the same rule.

The Delete matching attachments action is invoked only when one or more of the following criteria trigger a rule:

  • Message contains " malware or malicious code "

  • Attachment is " name or extension "

  • Attachment is " MIME content-type "

  • Attachment is " true file type "

  • Attachment is " password protected "

  • Attachment size is

  • Attachment content matches " keyword expressions "

For example, if a "Message size is" rule (by default, greater than 10 MB) is triggered with an action of Delete matching attachments, all attachments will be deleted.

To configure a rule action to delete attachments that match certain criteria:

Select Delete matching attachments from the "Modify" section.