Prerequisites for Data Migration

Before migrating data from IMSS 9.1 or IMSVA 9.1, make sure the following has been done:
  • Add, provision, and verify the domains you want to manage through Trend Micro Email Security.

    For details, see Adding a Domain.

  • Synchronize with LDAP servers using the Directory Synchronization Tool if IMSS or IMSVA has enabled LDAP settings.

    The Directory Synchronization Tool is available under Administration > Directory Management.

    For details, refer to Directory Synchronization Tool User's Guide.

  • Enable IMSS or IMSVA to support Trend Micro Email Security migration by doing the following:
    1. On the IMSS or IMSVA management console, go to Administration > Updates > System & Applications and check the build number.

      If the build number does not meet the following requirements, install the latest service pack and hotfix.

      • IMSS or later
      • IMSVA or later
    2. Enable the hidden key in the IMSS or IMSVA admin database by running the following SQL statements:


      IMSS and IMSVA use the same configuration file imss.ini.

      insert into tb_global_setting (section, name, value, inifile)

      values ('imp_exp', 'enable_ems_migrate', '1', 'imss.ini');

  • Export configuration files from the IMSS or IMSVA management console under Administration > Import/Export.