Data That Will Be Migrated

The following data and settings will be migrated to Trend Micro Email Security:

  • Dashboard customization settings

  • Sender Filter settings

  • Keywords and expressions in policy objects

  • Notifications in policy objects

  • Stamps in policy objects

  • Web Reputation Approved List

  • BEC settings

  • Scan exceptions and settings

  • IP reputation settings


    If your license for Hosted Email Security has expired, IP reputation settings will not be migrated.

  • Time-of-Click Protection settings

  • Sender address types in quarantine settings

  • End user logon method settings

  • Synchronization authentication key for Directory Synchronization Tool

  • Administrator profile information

  • Administrator subaccounts


    If the subaccount names that you migrate from Hosted Email Security already exist in Trend Micro Email Security, those subaccounts will be renamed, and you will be prompted with the details.

  • Co-branding settings

  • Policy rule order


    The order of policy rules can be customized for a single domain in Hosted Email Security. After migration, policy rules are categorized by different types of rules in Trend Micro Email Security, but the order for each type of rules is retained. For example, for virus policy rules of a single domain, the original order will still be applied.

  • Domain settings, including inbound sever information, outbound sever information and domain status

  • All policy rules

  • Recipient Filter settings

  • Approved and blocked senders

  • TLS Peers

  • SPF settings

  • DKIM verification and signing settings

  • DMARC settings

  • Quarantine digest settings

  • End user managed accounts