Managing Stamps

Trend Micro Email Security supports both HTML stamps and plain text stamps.

You can use Stamps screen to manage stamps in Trend Micro Email Security.

For information on inserting and configuring stamps, see Inserting a Stamp.

Table 1. Stamps Screen



Adding a Stamp


Often a new stamp will be very similar to one you already have. In that case, it is usually easier to copy the stamp and edit it rather than create a new stamp from scratch.

Click Add.

  1. Provide the following information:

    • Name: A name for the stamp.

      Optionally select Do not stamp message formats that might become corrupted or unreadable, such as digitally signed and Outlook TNEF. if necessary.

    • Insert at: Select whether you want to insert the stamp at the beginning or at the end of the message body.

    • HTML: Specify the HTML content for the stamp as desired.

      1. Select a style type:

        • Predefined style:

          Trend Micro Email Security provides a predefined style for HTML stamps that indicate Information, Suspicious, or Dangerous risk level. Select a risk level and modify the HTML content with the rich text editor. Trend Micro Email Security offers a preview of the stamp and automatically generates a plain text stamp with same content in real time.

        • Customized style:

          Trend Micro Email Security allows you to specify HTML stamp content and plain text stamp content separately.

      2. Edit the stamp conent.

        Optionally include variables in your stamps by using the tokens listed in Tokens.

        When you use the token %DATE&TIME%, select Customize time zone for %DATE&TIME% and select a time zone. By default, the time zone UTC+0 is used.

        Optionally select Display UTC offset if you want to include the UTC offset (such as UTC+0800) to the end of the date and time.


      When a message triggers the rule, the HTML stamp will be inserted into HTML content of the message, and the plain text stamp will be inserted into Plain text content of the message.

  2. Click Save.

Copying Stamps

In the Stamps list, select the stamp to copy. Click Copy.

Editing Stamps

In the Stamps list, click the name of the stamp you want to edit and follow the instructions in Adding a Stamp procedure in this table.

Deleting Stamps

In the Stamps list, select the stamps to delete. Click Delete, and click OK to confirm.