Editing a Subaccount

  1. Go to Administration > Administrator Management > Account Management.
  2. Click name of the subaccount that you want to edit.

    The Edit Subaccount screen appears.

  3. Modify the following information on the screen as required:
    • Subaccount Basic Information: modify the email address if necessary.


      The account name cannot be modified.

    • Select Permission Types: select a predefined permission from the Predefined Permission Types drop-down list, or configure permissions for each of the feature manually.

      Note that a subaccount has no permission to add or delete domains, even if that subaccount has Full Control permission over the domains. Only the Business Account can perform such operations.

    • Select Domains: select the domains that the account can manage.

      • My organization: select the entire organization for the subaccount to manage.


        Selecting My organization does not grant the subaccount permission to add or delete domains. It just enables the subaccount to use organization-level features such as creating an organization-level policy rule.

        If My organization is selected, the subaccount can manage the new domains added by the Business Account in the future.

      • Specify: select one or more domains for the subaccount to manage.

  4. Click OK.