Account Management

Use the Administration > Administrator Management > Account Management screen to search for administrator subaccounts and superadmin accounts under your control and perform actions on behalf of those accounts.

Both administrator subaccounts and superadmin accounts are local accounts, which can be created by an administrator account (Trend Micro Business Account) and have the administrator account privileges. The differences are as follows:

  • A subaccount can perform privileged operations only within managed domains. Even a subaccount created with Full Control permission over all features may still not be able to perform certain operations. For example, a subaccount with Full Control permission over domains cannot add or delete domains.

  • A superadmin account is created to ease the administrative burden of the Business Account. The superadmin account owns all the permissions of the Business Account, including creating subaccounts or superadmin accounts. The superadmin account can perform operations in all domains added to your organization and has unrestricted access to all features on the administrator console.

For more information about the accessible features of the local accounts, see Accessible Features of the Local Accounts.

After clicking Assume Control beside a local account in the list, you will be able to perform privileged operations on behalf of the account.

To stop acting on behalf of the local account, click Release in the title bar area.