Plug-in Agent Installation and Display Issues on Endpoints

Installation of the plug-in program’s agent on the endpoint may fail or the agent may not display in the Security Agent console for the following reasons:

  1. Plug-in Manager (CNTAosMgr.exe) on the endpoint is not running. In the Security Agent endpoint, open Windows Task Manager and run the CNTAosMgr.exe process.
  2. The installation package for the plug-in agent was not downloaded to the Security Agent endpoint folder located in <Agent installation folder>\AU_Data\AU_Temp\{xxx}AU_Down\Product. Check Tmudump.txt located in \AU_Data\AU_Log\ for the download failure reasons.

    If an agent successfully installs, agent information is available in <Agent installation folder>\AOSSvcInfo.xml.

  3. The agent installation was unsuccessful or requires further action. You can check the installation status from the plug-in program’s management console and perform actions such as restarting the Security Agent endpoint after installation or installing required operating system patches before installation.