About Plug-in Manager

Apex One includes a framework called Plug-in Manager that integrates new solutions into the existing Apex One environment. To help ease the management of these solutions, Plug-in Manager provides at-a-glance data for the solutions in the form of widgets.


None of the plug-in solutions currently support IPv6. The server can download these solutions but is not able to deploy the solutions to pure IPv6 Security Agents or pure IPv6 hosts.

Plug-in Manager delivers the following:

  • Native Product Features

    Some native Apex One features are licensed separately and activated through Plug-in Manager. In this release, two features fall under this category, namely, Trend Micro Virtual Desktop Support and Apex One Data Protection.

  • Plug-in programs

    Plug-in programs are not part of the Apex One program. The plug-in programs have separate licenses and management consoles. Access the management consoles from within the Apex One web console. Examples of plug-in programs are Trend Micro Apex One ToolBox and Trend Micro Apex One (Mac).

  • Dashboard tabs and widgets

    The Apex One Dashboard screen requires Plug-in Manager to display the tabs and widgets used to monitor the Apex One server and agent protection status.

This document provides a general overview of plug-in program installation and management and discusses plug-in program data available in widgets. Refer to specific plug-in program documentation for details on configuring and managing the program.