Upgrading the Edge Relay Server

The Apex One Edge Relay Server supports upgrading from previous versions of the Edge Relay Server. During the upgrade process, the Setup program automatically applies the same server settings used by the previous version and transfers all certificates.


This version of the Edge Relay Server does not support older versions of the agent program. If you want to manage off-premises endpoints, ensure that you upgrade all agents to the Apex One Security Agent and connect the Security Agents to the Apex One server to obtain the upgraded Edge Relay Settings.

Before upgrading the Edge Relay Server, ensure that the target server computer meets the minimum system requirements.

For more information, see Edge Relay Server System Requirements.

  1. Locate the <Server installation folder>\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\EdgeServer folder on the Apex One server computer, and copy the folder to the target Edge Relay Server computer.
  2. On the target Edge Relay Server, open the EdgeServer folder and execute the setup.exe file to start the upgrade process.

    The Welcome screen appears.

  3. Click Next >

    The Setup program automatically retrieves the necessary settings from the previous Edge Relay Server and displays the Installation Information screen.

  4. Click Next > to begin the upgrade.
  5. After the upgrade completes, you must register the upgraded Edge Relay Server to the Apex One server using the Edge Relay Server Registration Tool.
    1. Locate the Edge Relay Server Registration Tool from the following location on the Edge Relay Server computer:

      <Apex One Edge Relay installation directory>\OfcEdgeSvc\ofcedgecfg.exe

    2. Open a command line editor with administrator privileges.

      Right-click cmd.exe and click Run as administrator.

    3. Change the directory to the location of the ofcedgecfg.exe file.
    4. Execute the following command:

      ofcedgecfg.exe --cmd reg --server <Apex One server address> --port <Apex One server port> --pwd <Apex One 'root' account password>

    Verify that the successful registration of the upgraded Edge Relay Server on the Apex One web console (Administration > Settings > Edge Relay).

  6. Ensure that all Security Agents that you want to manage using the Edge Relay Server can connect directly to the Apex One server to obtain the latest Edge Relay Server settings.