Bind Customer-Specific Certificates with Webhost and OsceOPA Certificates


Binding customer-specific certificates to the Edge Relay server requires that you prepare and properly configure your Webhost and OsceOPA certificates.

For more information and detailed instructions about preparing and binding customer-specific certificates, see Binding Customer-Specific Certificates with the Edge Relay Server.


--cmd bindwebsite


--certsubject <VALUE>

Webhost certificate subject

--certstore <VALUE>

Webhost certificate store name: My | webhosting

--certissuer <VALUE>

Webhost certificate issuer

--opacertpwd <VALUE>

OsceOPA certificate password


ofcedgecfg.exe --cmd bindwebsite --certsubject <certificate subject name> --certstore <certificate store name> --certissuer <certificate_issuer> --opacertpwd <OsceOPA certificate password>

Post-requisite command

After binding your customer-specific certificates, you must re-register the Edge Relay Server to the Apex One server.

For more information, see Register to an Apex One Server.


After re-registering to the Apex One server, you must ensure that all off-premises Security Agents reconnect to the Apex One server to obtain the updated certificates. Any off-premises Security Agent that does not receive the latest certificates is unable to connect to the Edge Relay Server.