Adding a Firewall Policy

  1. Go to Agents > Firewall > Policies.
  2. To add a new policy, click Add.

    If a new policy you want to create has similar settings with an existing policy, select the existing policy and click Copy.

  3. Type a name for the policy.
  4. Select a security level.

    The selected security level will not apply to traffic that meet the firewall policy exception criteria.

  5. Select the firewall features to use for the policy.
    • The firewall violation notification message displays when the firewall blocks an outgoing packet. To modify the message, see Modifying the Content of the Firewall Notification Message.

    • If the administrator enables all the firewall features and grants Security Agent users the privilege to configure firewall settings, users can enable/disable the features and modify firewall settings in the Security Agent console.


      You cannot use the Apex One web console to override Security Agent console settings that the user configures.

    • If you do not enable the features, the firewall settings you configure from the Apex One web console display under Network card list on the Security Agent console.

    • The information under Settings on the Security Agent console's Firewall tab always reflects the settings configured from the Security Agent console, not from the server web console.

  6. Enable the local or global Certified Safe Software List.

    Ensure that the Unauthorized Change Prevention Service and Certified Safe Software Services have been enabled before enabling this service.

  7. Under Exception, select the firewall policy exceptions. The policy exceptions included here are based on the firewall exception template. See Editing the Firewall Exception Template for details.
    • Modify an existing policy exception by clicking the policy exception name and changing the settings in the page that opens.


      The modified policy exception will only apply to the policy to be created. If you want the policy exception modification to be permanent, you will need to make the same modification to the policy exception in the firewall exception template.

    • Click Add to create a new policy exception. Specify the settings in the page that opens.


      The policy exception will also apply only to the policy to be created. To apply this policy exception to other policies, you need to add it first to the list of policy exceptions in the firewall exception template.

  8. Click Save.