Firewall Policies

Apex One Firewall policies allow you to block or allow certain types of network traffic not specified in a policy exception. A policy also defines which Apex One Firewall features are enabled or disabled. Assign a policy to one or multiple Firewall profiles.

With Active Directory integration and role-based administration, each user role, depending on the permission, can create, configure, or delete policies for specific domains.

The following table outlines the settings available when configuring a firewall policy.



Security level

A general setting that blocks or allows all inbound and/or all outbound traffic on the Security Agent endpoint

Firewall Features

Specify whether to enable or disable the Apex One firewall, the Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and the firewall violation notification message.

For details, see Intrusion Detection System.

Certified Safe Software List

Specify whether to allow certified safe applications to connect to the network.

For details, see Certified Safe Software List.

Policy exception list

A list of configurable exceptions that block or allow various types of network traffic


You can grant end-users the privilege to modify the security level and policy exception list when creating Firewall Profiles.

For details, see Adding a Firewall Profile.