Transmission Scope: Only Transmissions Outside the Local Area Network

Data Loss Prevention monitors data transmitted to any target outside the Local Area Network (LAN).


Trend Micro recommends choosing this scope for internal agents.

"Network" refers to the company or local network. This includes the current network (IP address of the endpoint and netmask) and the following standard private IP addresses:

  • Class A: to

  • Class B: to

  • Class C: to

If you select this transmission scope, you can define the following:

  • Non-monitored targets: Define targets outside the LAN that you consider safe and therefore should not be monitored.


    Data transmissions to non-monitored targets and to monitored targets where "Monitor" is the action are similar in that the transmission is allowed. The only difference is that for non-monitored targets, Data Loss Prevention does not log the transmission, whereas for monitored targets, the transmission is always logged.

  • Monitored targets: Define targets within the LAN that you want to monitor.

For guidelines on defining monitored and non-monitored targets, see Defining Non-monitored and Monitored Targets.