Data Loss Prevention Log Details

The Data Loss Prevention Log Details screen shows additional details about the digital asset transmission. The details of a transmission vary based on the channel and process through which Apex One detected the incident.

The following table lists the details that display.

Table 1. Data Loss Prevention Log Details




The date and time that Data Loss Prevention logged the incident

Violation ID

The unique ID of the incident


The user name logged on to the endpoint


The name of endpoint where Data Loss Prevention detected the transmission


The domain of the endpoint


The IP address of the endpoint


The channel through which the transmission occurred


The process that facilitated the transmission of a digital asset (the process depends on the channel)

For details, see Processes by Channel.


The source of the file containing the digital asset, or channel (if no source is available)

Email sender

The email address where the transmission originated

Email subject

The subject line of the email message containing the digital asset

Email recipient

The destination email address(es) of the email message


The URL of a website or web page

FTP user

The user name used to log on to the FTP server

File class

The type of file in which Data Loss Prevention detected the digital asset


A list of the exact rule name(s) and template(s) that triggered the detection


The action taken on the transmission

User justification reason

The reason the user provided for continuing to transfer the sensitive data