Creating a Template

  1. Go to Agents > Data Loss Prevention > DLP Templates.
  2. Click Add.

    A new screen displays.

  3. Type a name for the template. The name must not exceed 100 bytes in length and cannot contain the following characters:
    • > < * ^ | & ? \ /

  4. Type a description that does not exceed 256 bytes in length.
  5. Select data identifiers and then click the "add" icon.

    When selecting definitions:

    • Select multiple entries by pressing and holding the CTRL key and then selecting the data identifiers.

    • Use the search feature if you have a specific definition in mind. You can type the full or partial name of the data identifier.

    • Each template can contain a maximum of 30 data identifiers.

  6. To create a new expression, click Expressions and then click Add new expression. In the screen that appears, configure settings for the expression.
  7. To create a new file attribute list, click File attributes and then click Add new file attribute. In the screen that appears, configure settings for the file attribute list.
  8. To create a new keyword list, click Keywords and then click Add new keyword. In the screen that appears, configure settings for the keyword list.
  9. If you selected an expression, type the number of occurrences, which is the number of times an expression must occur before Data Loss Prevention subjects it to a policy.
  10. Choose a logical operator for each definition.

    Use logical operators carefully when configuring condition statements. Incorrect usage leads to an erroneous condition statement that will likely produce unexpected results. For examples of correct usage, see Condition Statements and Logical Operators.

  11. To remove a data identifier from the list of selected identifiers, click the trash bin icon.
  12. Below Preview, check the condition statement and make changes if this is not your intended statement.
  13. Click Save.
  14. A message appears, reminding you to deploy the settings to agents. Click Close.
  15. Back in the DLP Templates screen, click Apply to All Agents.