Integrated Server’s Approved/Blocked URL List Configuration

Agents maintain their own approved/blocked URL list. Configure the list for agents when you set up web reputation policies (see Web Reputation Policies for details). Any URL in the agent’s list will automatically be allowed or blocked.

The integrated server has its own approved/blocked URL list. If a URL is not in the agent’s list, the agent sends a web reputation query to the integrated server (if the integrated server has been assigned as a smart protection source). If the URL is found in the integrated server’s approved/blocked URL list, the integrated server notifies the agent to allow or block the URL.


The blocked URL list has a higher priority than the Web Blocking List.

To add URLs to the integrated server’s approved/blocked list, import a list from a standalone Smart Protection Server. It is not possible to add URLs manually.

For details, see Configuring Integrated Smart Protection Server Settings.