Adding Already Detected Spyware/Grayware to the Approved List

  1. Go to one of the following:
    • Agents > Agent Management

    • Logs > Agents > Security Risks

  2. In the agent tree, click the root domain icon () to include all agents or select specific domains or agents.
  3. Click Logs > Spyware/Grayware Logs or View Logs > Spyware/Grayware Logs.
  4. Specify the log criteria and then click Display Logs.
  5. Select logs and click Add to Approved List.
  6. Apply the approved spyware/grayware only to the selected agent computers or to certain domain(s).
  7. Click Save. The selected agents apply the setting and the Apex One server adds the spyware/grayware to the approved list found in Agents > Agent Management > Settings > Spyware/Grayware Approved List.

Apex One can accommodate a maximum of 1024 spyware/grayware in the approved list.