Scan Exclusion List (Files)

Apex One will not scan a file if its file name matches any of the names included in this exclusion list. If you want to exclude a file found under a specific location on the endpoint, include the file path, such as C:\Temp\sample.jpg.

You can specify a maximum of 256 files.

When you configure the file list, choose from the following options:

  • Retains current list (default): Apex One provides this option to prevent the accidental overwriting of the agent’s existing exclusion list. In order to save and deploy changes made to the exclusion list, select any of the other options.

  • Overwrites: This option removes and replaces the entire exclusion list on the agent with the current list. After clicking Apply to All Agents, Apex One displays a confirmation warning message.

  • Adds paths to: This option adds the items in the current list to the agent’s existing exclusion list. If an item already exists in the agent’s exclusion list, the agent ignores the item.

  • Removes paths from: This option removes the items in the current list from the agent's existing exclusion list, if found.