Viewing Central Quarantine Restore Logs

After cleaning malware, Security Agents back up malware data. Notify an online agent to restore backed up data if you consider the data harmless. Information about which malware backup data was restored, the affected endpoint, and the restore result available in the logs.

  1. Go to Logs > Agents > Central Quarantine Restore.
  2. Check the Successful, Unsuccessful, and Pending columns to see if Apex One successfully restored the quarantined data.
  3. Click the count links in each column to view detailed information about each affected endpoint.

    For Unsuccessful restorations, you can attempt to restore the file again on the Central Quarantine Restore Details screen by clicking Restore All.

  4. To save logs to a comma-separated value (CSV) file, click Export to CSV. Open the file or save it to a specific location.