Resume a Missed Scheduled Scan

When Scheduled Scan did not launch because Apex One is not running on the day and time of Scheduled Scan or if the user interrupts Scheduled Scan (for example, turns off the endpoint after the scan begins), you can specify when Apex One resumes scanning.

Specify which Scheduled Scan to resume:

  • Resume an interrupted Scheduled Scan: Resumes Scheduled Scans that the user interrupted by turning off the endpoint

  • Resume a missed Scheduled Scan: Resumes Scheduled Scans missed because the endpoint was not running

Specify when to resume scanning:

  • Same time next day: If Apex One is running at the exact same time the next day, scanning is resumed.

  • __ minutes after the endpoint starts: Apex One resumes scanning a number of minutes after the user turns on the endpoint. The number of minutes is between 10 and 120.


Users can postpone or skip a resumed Scheduled Scan if the administrator enabled this privilege. For details, see Scheduled Scan Privileges and Other Settings.