Exclude Microsoft Exchange Server Folders and Files from Scans

If the Security Agent and a Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 server exist on the same endpoint, Apex One will not scan the following Microsoft Exchange folders and files for virus/malware and spyware/grayware during Manual Scan, Real-time Scan, Scheduled Scan and Scan Now:

  • The following folders in \Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1: Queue, PickUp, and BadMail

  • .\Exchsrvr\mdbdata, including these files: priv1.stm, priv1.edb, pub1.stm, and pub1.edb

  • .\Exchsrvr\Storage Group

For Microsoft Exchange 2007 or later folders, you need to manually add the folders to the scan exclusion list. For scan exclusion details, see the following website:


See Scan Exclusions for steps in configuring the scan exclusion list.