Enable Assessment Mode

When in assessment mode, all agents managed by the server will log spyware/grayware detected during Manual Scan, Scheduled Scan, Real-time Scan, and Scan Now but will not clean spyware/grayware components. Cleaning terminates processes or deletes registries, files, cookies, and shortcuts.

Trend Micro provides assessment mode to allow you to evaluate items that Trend Micro detects as spyware/grayware and then take appropriate action based on your evaluation. For example, detected spyware/grayware that you do not consider a security risk can be added to the spyware/grayware approved list.

When in assessment mode, Apex One performs the following scan actions:

  • Pass: During Manual Scan, Scheduled Scan and Scan Now

  • Deny Access: During Real-time Scan


Assessment mode overrides any user-configured scan action. For example, even if you choose "Clean" as the scan action during Manual Scan, "Pass" remains as the scan action when the agent is on assessment mode.