Standard Update Source for Update Agents

The Apex One server is the standard update source for Update Agents. If you configure agents to update directly from the Apex One server, the update process proceeds as follows:

  1. The Update Agent obtains updates from the Apex One server.

  2. If unable to update from the Apex One server, the agent tries connecting directly to the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server if any of the following are true:

    • In Agents > Agent Management, click Settings > Privileges and Other Settings > Other Settings > Update Settings, the option Security Agents download updates from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate Server is enabled.

    • The ActiveUpdate server is the first entry in the Customized Update Source List.


    Place the ActiveUpdate server at the top of the list only if you experience problems updating from the Apex One server. When Update Agents update directly from the ActiveUpdate server, significant bandwidth is consumed between the network and the Internet.

  3. If unable to update from all possible sources, the Update Agent quits the update process.