Viewing Security Agent Update Logs

Check the agent update logs to determine if there are problems updating the Virus Pattern on agents.


In this product version, only logs for Virus Pattern updates can be queried from the web console.

To keep the size of logs from occupying too much space on the hard disk, manually delete logs or configure a log deletion schedule. For more information about managing logs, see Log Management.

  1. Go to Logs > Agents > Agent Component Update.
  2. To view the number of agent updates, click View under the Progress column. In the Component Update Progress screen that displays, view the number of agents updated for every 15-minute interval and the total number of agents updated.
  3. To view agents that have updated the Virus Pattern, click View under the Details column.
  4. To save logs to a comma-separated value (CSV) file, click Export to CSV. Open the file or save it to a specific location.