Event-triggered Updates

The server can notify online agents to update components after it downloads the latest components, and offline agents when they restart and then connect to the server. Optionally initiate Scan Now (manual scan) on Security Agent endpoints after the update.

Table 1. Event-triggered Update Options



Initiate component update on agents immediately after the Apex One server downloads a new component

The server notifies agents to update as soon as it completes an update. Frequently updated agents only need to download incremental patterns, thus reducing the time it takes to complete the update (see Apex One Server Component Duplication for details about incremental patterns). However, updating frequently may adversely affect the server's performance, especially if you have a large number of agents updating at the same time.

If you have agents in Independent mode and you want these agents to update as well, select Include Independent and offline agent(s).

See Security Agent Independent Mode Privilege for details about Independent mode.

Let agents initiate component update after restarting and connecting to the Apex One server (Independent agents excluded)

Any agent that missed an update immediately downloads components when it establishes connection with the server. The agent may miss an update if it is offline or if the endpoint where it is installed is not up and running.

Perform Scan Now after update (Independent agents excluded)

The server notifies agents to scan after an event-triggered update. Consider enabling this option if a particular update is a response to a security risk that has already spread within the network.


If the Apex One server is unable to successfully send an update notification to agents after it downloads components, it automatically resends the notification after 15 minutes. The server continues to send update notifications up to a maximum of five times until the agent responds. If the fifth attempt is unsuccessful, the server stops sending notifications. If you select the option to update components when agents restart and then connect to the server, component update will still proceed.