Configuring Security Agent Update Notifications

Apex One notifies agent users when update-related events occur.

  1. Go to Agents > Global Agent Settings.
  2. Click the Agent Control tab.
  3. Go to the Alert Settings section.
  4. Select the following options:
    • Show the alert icon on the Windows taskbar if the virus pattern file is not updated after __ day(s): An alert icon displays on the Windows task bar to remind users to update a Virus Pattern that has not been updated within the specified number of days. To update the pattern, use any of the update methods discussed in Security Agent Update Methods.

      All agents managed by the server will apply this setting.

    • Display a notification message if the endpoint needs to restart to load a kernel mode driver: After installing a hot fix or an upgrade package that contains a new version of a kernel mode driver, the driver’s previous version may still exist on the endpoint. The only way to unload the previous version and load the new one is to restart the endpoint. After restarting the endpoint, the new version automatically installs and no further restart is necessary.

      The notification message displays immediately after the agent endpoint installs the hot fix or upgrade package.

  5. Click Save.