Security Agent Update Process


This topic discusses the update process for Security Agents. The update process for Update Agents is discussed in Standard Update Source for Security Agents.

If you configure Security Agents to update directly from the Apex One server, the update process proceeds as follows:

  1. The Security Agent obtains updates from the Apex One server.

  2. If unable to update from the Apex One server, the Security Agent tries connecting directly to the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server if the option Security Agents download updates from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate Server is enabled in Agents > Agent Management, click Settings > Privileges and Other Settings > Other Settings (tab) > Update Settings.


    Only components can be updated from the ActiveUpdate server. Domain settings, programs and hot fixes can only be downloaded from the Apex One server or Update Agents. You can speed up the update process by configuring Security Agents to only download pattern files from the ActiveUpdate server. For more information, see ActiveUpdate Server as the Security Agent Update Source.