Migrating from ServerProtect Normal Servers

The ServerProtect™ Normal Server Migration Tool is a tool that helps migrate computers running Trend Micro ServerProtect Normal Server to the Security Agent.

The ServerProtect Normal Server Migration Tool shares the same hardware and software specification as the Apex One server. Run the tool on computers running Windows Server platforms.

When uninstallation of the ServerProtect Normal server is successful, the tool installs the Security Agent. It also migrates the scan exclusion list settings (for all scan types) to the Security Agent.

While installing the Security Agent, the migration tool agent installer may sometimes time out and notify you that the installation was unsuccessful. However, the Security Agent may have been installed successfully. Verify the installation on the Security Agent endpoint from the Apex One web console.

Migration is unsuccessful under the following circumstances:

  • The remote agent only has an IPv6 address. The migration tool does not support IPv6 addressing.

  • The remote agent cannot use the NetBIOS protocol.

  • Ports 455, 337, and 339 are blocked.

  • The remote agent cannot use the RPC protocol.

  • The Remote Registry Service stops.


The ServerProtect Normal Server Migration Tool does not uninstall the Trend Micro Apex Central™ agent for ServerProtect. For instructions on how to uninstall the agent, refer to the ServerProtect and/or Apex Central documentation.