Configuring Ping Settings

Ping settings are a subset of vulnerability scan settings. For details about vulnerability scan settings, see Vulnerability Scan Methods.

  1. To specify ping settings from Vulnerability Scanner (TMVS.exe):
    1. Launch TMVS.exe.
    2. Click Settings.

      The Settings screen appears.

    3. Go to the Ping settings section.
    4. Select Allow Vulnerability Scanner to ping computers on your network to check their status.
    5. In the Packet size and Timeout fields, accept or modify the default values.
    6. Select Detect the type of operating system using ICMP OS fingerprinting.

      If you select this option, Vulnerability Scanner determines if a host machine runs Windows or another operating system. For host machines running Windows, Vulnerability Scanner can identify the version of Windows.

    7. Click OK.

      The Settings screen closes.

  2. To set the number of computers that Vulnerability Scanner simultaneously pings:
    1. Go to <Server installation folder>\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\TMVS and open TMVS.ini using a text editor such as Notepad.
    2. Change the value for EchoNum. Specify a value between 1 and 64.

      For example, type EchoNum=60 if you want Vulnerability Scanner to ping 60 computers at the same time.

    3. Save TMVS.ini.