Adding Autopcc.exe to the Login Script Using Login Script Setup

  1. On the endpoint you used to run the server installation, click Programs > Trend Micro Apex One Server <Server Name> > Login Script Setup from the Windows Start menu.

    The Login Script Setup utility loads. The console displays a tree showing all domains on the network.

  2. Locate the server whose login script you want to modify, select it, and then click Select. Ensure that the server is a primary domain controller and that you have administrator access to the server.

    Login Script Setup prompts you for a user name and password.

  3. Type the user name and password. Click OK to continue.

    The User Selection screen appears. The Users list shows the profiles of users that log on to the server. The Selected users list shows the user profiles whose login script you want to modify.

  4. To modify the login script for a user profile, select the user profile from the Users list, and then click Add.
  5. To modify the login script of all users, click Add All.
  6. To exclude a user profile that you previously selected, select the name from the Selected users list, and click Delete.
  7. To reset your choices, click Delete All.
  8. Click Apply when all target user profiles are in the Selected users list.

    A message informs you that you have modified the server login scripts successfully.

  9. Click OK.

    Login Script Setup returns to its initial screen.

  10. To modify the login scripts of other servers, repeat steps 2 to 4.
  11. To close Login Script Setup, click Exit.