Deploying an MSI Package Using Microsoft SMS

Deploy the MSI package using Microsoft System Management Server (SMS) if you have Microsoft BackOffice SMS installed on the server.

For instructions on creating an MSI file, see Installing with Agent Packager.

The SMS server needs to obtain the MSI file from the Apex One server before it can deploy the package to target endpoints.

  • Local: The SMS server and the Apex One server are on the same endpoint.

  • Remote: The SMS server and the Apex One server are on different endpoints.

Known issues when installing with Microsoft SMS:

  • "Unknown" appears in the Run Time column of the SMS console.

  • If the installation was unsuccessful, the installation status may still show that the installation is complete on the SMS program monitor.

    For instructions on how to check if the installation was successful, see Post-installation.

The following instructions apply if you use Microsoft SMS 2.0 and 2003.