Security Compliance for Unmanaged Endpoints

Security Compliance can query unmanaged endpoints in the network to which the Apex One server belongs. Use Active Directory and IP addresses to query endpoints.

The security status of unmanaged endpoints can be any of the following:

Table 1. Security Status of Unmanaged Endpoints



Managed by another Apex One server

The Security Agents installed on the computers are managed by another Apex One server. Security Agents are online and run either this Apex One version or an earlier version.

No Security Agent installed

The Security Agent is not installed on the endpoint.


The Apex One server cannot connect to the endpoint and determine its security status.

Unresolved Active Directory assessment

The endpoint belongs to an Active Directory domain but the Apex One server is unable to determine its security status.


The Apex One server database contains a list of agents that the server manages. The server queries Active Directory for the computers' GUIDs and then compares them with GUIDs stored in the database. If a GUID is not in the database, the endpoint will fall under the Unresolved Active Directory Assessment category.

To run a security assessment, perform the following tasks:

  1. Define the query scope. For details, see Defining the Active Directory/IP Address Scope and Query.

  2. Check unprotected computers from the query result. For details, see Viewing the Query Results.

  3. Install the Security Agent. For details, see Installing with Security Compliance.

  4. Configure scheduled queries. For details, see Configuring the Scheduled Query Assessment.