Security Compliance checks whether the following Security Agent services are functional:

  • Antivirus

  • Anti-spyware

  • Firewall

  • Web Reputation

  • Behavior Monitoring/Device Control (also referred to as Trend Micro Unauthorized Change Prevention Service)

  • Data Protection

  • Suspicious Connection

A non-compliant agent is counted at least twice in the Compliance Report.

  • In the Endpoints with Non-compliant Services category

  • In the category for which the Security Agent is non-compliant. For example, if the Security Agent’s Antivirus service is not functional, the agent is counted in the Antivirus category. If more than one service is not functional, the agent is counted in each category for which it is non-compliant.

Restart non-functional services from the web console or from the Security Agent. If the services are functional after the restart, the agent will no longer appear as non-compliant during the next assessment.