Security Compliance for Managed Agents

Security Compliance generates a Compliance Report to help you assess the security status of Security Agents managed by the Apex One server. Security Compliance generates the report on demand or according to a schedule.


Apex One only displays compliance reports for Security Agents operating with a full feature set. Coexist agents do not appear in the reports.

The Manual Assessment screen displays the following tabs:

  • Services: Use this tab to check if agent services are functional.

    For details, see Services.

  • Components: Use this tab to check if Security Agents have up-to-date components.

    For details, see Components.

  • Scan Compliance: Use this tab to check if Security Agents are running scans regularly.

    For details, see Scan Compliance.

  • Settings: Use this tab to check if agent settings are consistent with the settings on the server.

    For details, see Settings.


The Components tab can display Security Agents running the current and earlier versions of the product. The other tabs only display data for Security Agents running the latest version.

  • Security Compliance queries the connection status of Security Agents before generating a Compliance Report. It includes online and offline agents in the report, but not agents in Independent mode.

  • For role-based user accounts:

    • Each web console user account has a completely independent set of Compliance Report settings. Any changes to a user account's Compliance Report settings will not affect the settings of the other user accounts.

    • The scope of the report depends on the agent domain permissions for the user account. For example, if you grant a user account permissions to manage domains A and B, the user account's reports will only show data from agents belonging to domains A and B.

      For details about user accounts, see Role-based Administration.