Installing Virtual Desktop Support

  1. Open the Apex One web console and click Plug-ins in the main menu.
  2. On the Plug-in Manager screen, go to the Trend Micro Virtual Desktop Support section and click Download.

    The size of the package displays beside the Download button.

    Plug-in Manager stores the downloaded package to <Server installation folder>\PCCSRV\Download\Product.


    If Plug-in Manager is unable to download the file, it automatically re-downloads after 24 hours. To manually trigger Plug-in Manager to download the package, restart the Apex One Plug-in Manager service from the Microsoft Management Console.

  3. Monitor the download progress. You can navigate away from the screen during the download.

    If you encounter problems downloading the package, check the server update logs on the Apex One product console. On the main menu, click Logs > Server Update.

    After Plug-in Manager downloads the file, Virtual Desktop Support displays in a new screen.


    If Virtual Desktop Support does not display, see the reasons and solutions in Troubleshooting Plug-in Manager.

  4. To install Virtual Desktop Support immediately, click Install Now. To install at a later time:
    1. Click Install Later.
    2. Open the Plug-in Manager screen.
    3. Go to the Trend Micro Virtual Desktop Support section and click Install.
  5. Read the license agreement and accept the terms by clicking Agree.

    The installation starts.

  6. Monitor the installation progress. After the installation, the Virtual Desktop Support version displays.