Trend Micro Virtual Desktop Support

Optimize virtual desktop protection by using Trend Micro Virtual Desktop Support. This feature regulates tasks on Security Agents residing in a single virtual server.

Running multiple desktops on a single server and performing on-demand scan or component updates consume significant amount of system resources. Use this feature to prohibit agents from running scans or updating components at the same time.

For example, if a VMware vCenter server has three virtual desktops running Security Agents, Apex One can initiate Scan Now and deploy updates simultaneously to all three agents. Virtual Desktop Support recognizes that the agents are on the same physical server. Virtual Desktop Support allows a task to run on the first agent and postpones the same task on the other two agents until the first agent finishes the task.

Virtual Desktop Support can be used on the following platforms:

  • VMware vCenter™ (VMware View™)

  • Citrix™ XenServer™ (Citrix XenDesktop™)

  • Microsoft Hyper-V™ Server

For administrators using other virtualization applications, the Apex One server can also act as an emulated hypervisor to manage virtual agents.

Use the Apex One VDI Pre-Scan Template Generation Tool to optimize on-demand scan or remove GUIDs from base or golden images.