The Apex One Settings Export Tool

Apex One provides the Apex One Settings Export Tool, which allows administrators to copy Apex One settings from previous OfficeScan versions to the current version. The Apex One Settings Export Tool migrates the following settings:


Migrated Settings

Agent Management


The Apex One Settings Export Tool migrates the applicable Agent Management settings to the and packages for use during import to Apex Central.

  • Manual Scan

  • Scheduled Scan

  • Real-time Scan

  • Scan Now

  • Scan Method

  • Web Reputation

  • Behavior Monitoring

  • Device Control

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Privileges and Other Settings

  • Additional Service Settings

  • Spyware/Grayware Approved List

  • Predictive Machine Learning

  • Suspicious Connection

  • Trusted Program List

  • The Server Migration Tool does not migrate the backup directories for Manual Scan, Scheduled Scan, Real-time Scan, and Scan Now.

  • Settings retain the configurations at both the root and domain level.

Agent Grouping

All settings


The Active Directory domain structures display after synchronizing with Active Directory the first time.

Global Agent Settings

All settings

Endpoint Location

  • Location awareness settings

  • Gateway IP address and MAC lists

Data Loss Prevention

  • Data Identifiers

  • Templates


  • Policies

  • Profiles

Log Maintenance

All settings

Agent Update Source

  • Agent update source

  • Customized update source list

Smart Protection Sources

Customized smart protection source list


  • General notification settings

  • Administrator notification settings

  • Outbreak notification settings

  • Agent notification settings


All settings

Inactive Agents

All settings

Quarantine Manager

All settings

Web Console

All settings

ofcscan.ini settings



ofcserver.ini settings


  • The tool does not back up the Security Agent listings of the OfficeScan server; only the domain structures.

  • The tool only migrates features available on the older version of the OfficeScan server. For features that are not available on the older server, the tool applies the default settings.