Adding a Custom Role

Add new custom user roles if the available built-in roles do not satisfy your requirements.

For more information, see Built-in User Roles.

  1. Go to Administration > Account Management > User Roles.
  2. Click Add.

    The Add Role screen appears.

  3. In the Role Information section, specify the following:
    • Name: Type a unique name for the role

    • Description: (Optional)

  4. In the Role Permissions section:
    1. Select the menu items that user accounts assigned with the role can access.
      • Menu Items for Servers/Agents: Includes global Security Agent and Apex One server settings, tasks, and data

        For more information, see Menu Items for Servers and Agents.

      • Menu items for Managed Domains: Includes granular Security Agent settings, tasks, and data that are available outside the agent tree

        For more information, see Menu Items for Managed Domains.

    2. Select the access permissions that user accounts assigned to the role have for the selected menu items.
      • Configure: Allows full access to a menu item

        Users can configure all settings, perform all tasks, and view data in a menu item.

      • View: Only allows users to view settings, tasks, and data in a menu item


      Clear both the Configure and View check boxes to completely hide a menu item from view. Menu items do not display for user accounts assigned to the role.

  5. Click Save.

    The new role displays on the User Roles screen.